ZFC Results/Judging

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I am making this post now, so I can go ahead and have it up and so I can say a few things to the judges before we start the actual judging process.

First off, judges, go look at the original post (above) and review the judging system. If you have any questions regarding it, contact me or Palli (who I am going to designate as the head judge).

Second, to submit your judge sheets, PM me with a link to the document. All I need is the final scores, but if I can see everything, that would be awesome and I would prefer that. From there, I will send them to Palli, so he can add the scores and send them back to me. I will post them here when I have them ready and on the day on the schedule (that can be found on the original post).

Now, I would like to give my thank yous:

I would like to thank everyone judging, competing, helping, sponsoring, or anything else to help out for doing so. If it wasn’t for you, this wouldn’t be happening.
I would like to thank Palli especially, for bringing the judging system and opening the door for other professional judges.
Big thanks to Mr.Jackthepoodle who helped via PM, to get me through the argument we had.
I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Andre Boulay for donating prizes.
I would like to thank him also for making the YYE Forums that has been such a great place to host contests.
I would like to thank stuarttw, who has also helped me through this, in little, but effective ways.
Again, thanks all to those involved with this in anyway. Thank you very much.

1A Prelims: Reply 148, 150, and 151 on pages 10 and 11.


I should have the Prelim Results in shortly after the deadline. However, I may decide to wait until the date shown on the Original Post just for suspense. What do you all think?

I think you know.

No, seriously, what?

As soon as possible.

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Just messing around with you there. I knew what you were gonna say.

Okay, judges, go ahead and fill out the judge sheets for the 1A Prelim round. Thank you.

Yea sooner is better

But if you want to kill us with the suspense you can. It’s your call

:smiley: Hmm… death always sounds good. :smiley:

Nope… do you know when results will be?

Haha darn first time on YYE in a while so I forgot all about this :stuck_out_tongue:

The date set is the 29th, which is 8 days away. I hope I can get them up before then.

Just in case the judges missed it earlier, the judge sheet is connected to this post.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Six days for finals? Why does it have to take so long?

Well, judges have to go to the YouTube account, watch and judge all the videos (that may take a couple of days because of the people being busy), then, they have to go to the computer, send me the file of all the scores and whatnot. I have to wait for all of the judges to compete the sheet. Then, I have to add them all up on the computer, find the average scores, verify everything with the judges, then I can upload it here. So, as you can see, there is actually a lot that goes into it.

I do not have any full scores yet, but I do have one judge sheet in from my bro. The Top 8 took me by surprise, but he’s happy with them.

Haha, I just noticed that stuarttw and Logi have the same total score, and stuarttw, Logi, and owngry all share the same T.Ex Score.

Why do I have two tech minus? I missed only one element.

1: How did I get a 0 for music? Is it really that bad or is the volume too low?
2: There is no way I see it I can be first I thought I am 5th place top.
Well anyways as I have no experience judging whatsoever I’ll respect it.

I cant even flipping see the scores but I aint even care.

You got sixth