Zero Tolerance?


Just cause I’m a student and curious to how you think… because, to me, Zero Tolerance should be abolished…

If you’re reading, just post with your opinion, I’m interested.

They should only have zero tolerance for those who attack others, not those defending themselves.

But that treads the line of who you have on your side.

If you attack someone with no position of authority around, and only your friends are watching, it is quite easy for them to falsify a story about how HE attacked YOU.

Right, but some of these rules are ridiculous… and there was one about a boy being suspended/expelled because he made a hat with toy soldiers that had toy GUNS like 1/2 an inch long. And a butter knife under a seat in a locked car??? How’d they find that in the first place?

And just my opinion, but the no knife rule is a bit… off. Number one, it’s quite easy to bring a knife in… not that you should, and number two, if you were mad enough to knife a guy… scissors, pencils, and things like that would do just as well… and lastly, in biology, woodshop, cooking… they give you knives…

If Someone attacked me and i get a punishment with out em hearing the story i will probably either leave the detention room or tell the teacher that no am not doing the punishment cuz i didn’ do nuttin

Erm… you’ll be suspended for around 1 week for that…

If I did that I’d get Mr. Happy Board which is corporal punishment

OMG… Just read this

suspended because a dog indicated his backpack smelled like drugs? For making a finger gun? For supporting an ineligible candidate in school? Hugging? I kinda wanna try some of these now… just cause it’s so ridiculous.  ::slight_smile:

In a lot of public schools they don’t let you say cheese it. I understand where there coming from (not really) but it all seems rediculus.
I mean really, how can they ban hugging? If they did that at my school half the school would be suspended before lunch. And then what would we do with this,26488.0.html … ok we probably wouldn’t do anything with it anyway…

How the policy should be:

If someone hits you, knock them on their a$$.

for real? Like what? They beat you?
You live in the states, right?

Yea for anarchy!!! No… I really think schools should at least consider what you’ve done and punish on a case by case basis…

god i agree!!! down here in fla, if a 3rd grader attacks you, and you merely push him away, you get a week of suspension and the 3rd grader gets a lolly pop. and one time i got attacked and i used my yoyo to defend myself and they suspended me. jeesh.

Yoyos should be baned from school. You could choke a kid with the string ;).

And pencils and scissors… maybe they should handcuff you too… I mean, you can choke someone with your arms… or throw him through the window. :o And don’t even let me get started about compasses…

I’ve choked a cross dresser with a yoyo before.

Good times.

While we’re on this, I managed to cut someone’s arm with string before. ::slight_smile:

The whole thing stinks of ****, I remember in my gym class we were all in the lockers and this dude walked up and started punching this guy in the back of the head…he ran out of the locker room didn’t strike back at all the one who started the fight told the principal that the guy hit him too and they both got suspended…the principal didn’t even bother to listen to mine or anyone elses story about what happened, he just swung around that zero tolerance flag like it was a **** religion

I seriously think that the school faculty is just feeding their power hungry selves, they once tried to ban the color black at my school saying that all the goth kids had become more and more like a gang organization...stupid idiots!! if they had gotten away with that we would have turned into a gang organization!!!!!

The whole law system with schools, state, federal, all of just ticks me off to see those in the right positions step on everyone else just cause the rules are on their side and they know in their minds "the people cant do anything about it, i'm in control" just today I read that most people in goverment positions with phones that are paid for by tax payers money so that they can do their jobs use 48% of that money on personal B.S. calls each month. I just can not respect anyone in any kind of postion of authority cause the majority of them are corrupt to the heart and it just makes me sick!!!   (ends rant)

farting banned in middle school? i would be sent to dentention alot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Me No I Lve In Egypt But My Education System Is The American Division :wink: