Zero Tolerance?

the only thing that they should of been suspended for was charging 5$ for the girls to kiss each other oh and peeing in the teaches coffee but they definately shouldntve tookin it out on the whole school

And my DMII was just taken away for yoyoing with it. Although i was really using my Dv888 but would you give up a metal??? is so unfair that my throw got taken… gahh!!! and im posting in schhool. while holding my Dv888.

Yeah sounds a bit like unreasonable search and seizure to me…

Welcome to our school.

My good friend got in a bit of a heated argument with a kid that literally everyone in the entire school hates. He made a comment about my friend’s Dad, so he got his nose broken. If he hadn’t hit him, I would’ve.

Only got suspended for two days, and now he’s practically a hero.

What zero tolerance policy? Hahahaha

I think yall are Joeys.


I’ve been in this situation of bullying many many times. There were lots of bullies and racism at my past schools. If you are defending yourself, you shouldn’t get in trouble. You have the right to defend yourself. You can’t just sit there be a punching bag. You shouldn’t let people hurt you at all, nobody deserves it. You should however try to avoid fights at all costs, but sometimes they have to happen if someone won’t quit harrassing or physically hurting you and there is nothing else you could do. I think kids should stick up for those getting picked on. Cause kids shouldn’t hurt others physically or verbally and get away with it. Also I should throw in this: If you see a girl getting hurt by a guy, you have every right to defend the girl. Guys should never seriously hit or harm a girl. Even if you do not know her it’s right to defend her, and tell the princible/authorities what went on and make sure the guy gets in trouble or kicked out of school. You have to defend those who can’t defend themselves. Same goes to those who mess with those in Special ED, if not more so. I can’t stand those who mess with those in special ed, and they deserve whats comming to them. I think this zero policy rule is not only unconstitutional and morally wrong, but really just pathetic. Schools should have WAY more strict policies on bullies and those who harrass others (pysical and verbal) so there would be WAY less fighting in the first place.

ya I live in AZ but I go to this really small charter school and the principal is a tyrannical dictator. like Ive gotten mr. happy board twice this year once because I was leaning back in my chair during music and my music techer siad I was in a “talking position” the second was because I forgot my lunch one day and asked this kid if I could have some of his chips
they have you bend over and grab onto a desk and they take this ping-pong paddle and hit you on the butt with it

I’m pretty sure a bunch of girls could kick my but :Pt…

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