Zen 5 Spin Time

I just bought the Zen 5. I just wanted to know how long it usually spins for.

If your asking that, it implies that the yoyo doesn’t spin for as long as you want it to. That implies that you think it is the yoyo that is not right. If it were me, I’d continue to work on a strong sleeper and then the yoyo will spin for far longer than you ever will need it to.

Of course we all know what happens when you assume, so I could be wrong.

Keep throwing

Well actually i just ordedered it yesterday and i havent got it yet.

Well it has excellent rim weight, so a long time. It just depends on your throws

why are you asking if you already bought it? it really doesnt matter… zen 5 spins fine, but imo dv888 is a tad better, and my zen5, cut strings. sent and exchanged for dv888.