What makes a yoyo have super long spin time.

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Your hand.

wasn’t there a topic that was almost exactly like this one but it was about speed? Not to sound like an a-hole but search the forums.

To answer the question, like grolk said, it is all about the player. If you check youtube and watch Miguel Correa’s “fixed friday” he plays on a fixed axle and it looks exactly like when he plays with a bearing. It is all about the player and not the yoyo. People just prefer specific types of yoyos over others.

A heavy Yoyo helps with must of the weight on the edges. And a strong throw.

Then how come when people review certain yo-yos, they say that they do or do not have a long spin time? Example:

Rim weight and a good throw.

The amount of spin time you get on a yoyo is mostly dependent on who is throwing the yoyo, and will vary from person to person. Although, there are certain characteristics that make a yoyo long spinning, mainly large amounts of weight placed on the rims. Obviously, a yoyo like the Dreadnought G is going to spin longer than something like a Velocity, because the rim weight differential. Some throws will naturally spin longer than others, but with an improved technique, this difference is minute.

I never said they don’t have long spin times… I said that one has longer spin time than the other…

Now to answer your question, yes it is mainly about the player. But a yoyo that is heavier and heavily rim weighted will spin longer than a yoyo that is lighter with not as much rim weight

Generally it’s when weight is pushed out to the rims. Things like the chief, superstar, etc. stuff like the puffin, Avalanche (CB) and other less stable yoyos wouldn’t fit this category.

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Good throw of the yoyo.
Decent yoyo
Bearing in good condition.

If you have enough spin to get through your trick(s) and/or combo(s), then you have enough spin time.

Everything Studio42 said, with the addition of

big ole brass weight rings.

Hey guys, I see now that I should have specified that I was asking about the design aspect of the yoyo. Totally my fault. Studio42, I didn’t know about the topic thing. Sorry. Andy569, I was using your quote as an example of a yoyo “review” of a yoyo having long spin time. Sorry for the confusion.