What makes a yoyo so good: come post, I'm dying to know!!

Well, this has been confusing me for ever. What makes a yoyo spin longer? I know weight makes a yoyo spin longer, but if you ad 200g to a Northstar, I don’t suppose it’s going to spin for 30 or so minutes.

So, some analogies.

Why does a CLYW spin longer than a DV888

Any similar yoyo… What makes a CLIFF spin longer than a G5?

I know it’s not the bearing. I know it’s not string or response.

Is it the shape? The way the bearing seat is built?

And it can’t be weight because I know there are yoyos that cost 100+ that have the same if less weight than a Raptor or DV888.

So if I were to have a yoyo made, what would make it play like a CLYW OD ect.

And what makes yoyos Smooth?

I’m pretty sure precision makes a yoyo smooth. As far as spin time, I think it’s the rim weight. The amount of weight that is channelled to the edges of the yoyo can effect how long a yoyo spins. Look at the BTH for example. Barely anything is in the center, and once you get to the edges, you have giant hunks of metal. This is what makes the H shape useful.

Strictly the feel for me. If it feels good in your hand that’s what makes the difference.

Yoyos that are properly machined and have design aspects that are thought out are winners.

Chief, Most General Yo’s, YYR’s and my personal favs Turning Points is Maxbet.

Just something about them.

It’s a very complicated question to answer. Assuming the same manufacturing precision and the same bearing, it comes down to weight and weight distribution.

There are tons of variables and tradeoffs. Some people throw hard, some not so much. Some people do X-type tricks, some people do Y-type tricks. For some reason, some people throw sleepers and time it with a stopwatch. A more rim weighted or heavier yo-yo will have a slower spin, but possibly more angular momentum.

I don’t have a great answer. The good news is that almost all the yo-yos out there have plenty of spin time for everyone!

Well, I can get a yoyo machined for *around 20 bucks a side. So if say I could come up with a design that spins and plays like a 100-200 dollar for only *40 or so dollars then it would be worth it. But if make a design that plays like a cheaper yoyo then it wouldn’t have been worth it.

Soo many questions! Where to begin?

More rim weight makes a yoyo spin longer. Adding 200 grams to a northstar would probably make it spin for a really long time. 20+ minutes

They are generally bigger. Bigger = more mass further from the center = longer spins

Mainly the distribution of the weight

Both can be a factor. Lubing the bearing reduces spin times and response that is poking out or worn will defiantly effect it.

Yes, the shape effects the distribution of weight. The bearing seats are all pretty much identical.

Again, It’s more about the distribution.

The correct distribution of weight.

How concentric they are.

Spin time does not equal playing well. The Wooly Marmot jas terrible spin times, but plays so fluidly.

“It’s all relative, my dear Watson.”
What makes them good is largely opinion.

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So any tips to machine a yoyo that spins a long time is smooth and stable?

Aerodynamics… Also the bearing, and the centrifugal force of the yoyo…

Weight distribution, having weight on the rims. Also you expect somebody to tell you a design for a yoyo?

get to drawin son.