Weight of Yoyo and Spin Time

I have always been under the impression that heavier yo yos spin longer when thrown because they have more inertia.

Is this true, or are there other benefits to spin time with lighter yo yos? I was thinking that a lighter yoyo might spin faster and spin longer, but I could be wrong on that.

It is not the weight as much as the way the weight is distributed. Once the yoyo is ‘thrown into motion’, you want it to stay in motion.

If the yoyo does not have effective weight distribution, the yoyo literally works against itself; killing the spin.

The power of your throw down fuels the inertia. But without an effective design in why and where the weight is; weight itself has no advantage.


More weight will make a yoyo spin longer but putting more weight to the rims of the yoyo will make it spin significantly longer.

Let’s assume you have two yoyo with identical weight distribution but different weights. The heavier yoyo will spin longer.

Lighter yo-yos make up for the lack of overall weight by increasing rim weight percentage… but a heavier yo-yo that did the same thing would spin longer… it’s just that people like how lighter yo-yos feel.

This is why the current record holder for spin time weighs 100+ grams… it was purpose built for spin time.