What's the purpose of rim weight?

I was wondering because I was picking a yoyo to buy on the 4th of july, my parents let me finally!

Rim weight is what makes the yoyo spin longer and stabilize. Most of your butterfly shapes yoyos follow this rule, which is what makes them good for string and sleeper tricks. H shapes yoyos have a lot of the yoyo’s weight placed right on the rim for good spins. Plastic/metal, like you will see in the Yoyo Jam section, also put a lot of the yoyo’s weight right on the rim.

Rim weight creates momentum for the yoyo to spin longer. Weights on the edge gives it quite some spin and as he said stable. When you throw it, you get it started and the weight keeps it moving like a generator.

like a generator? no then it would never stop spinning. More like it gives it centrifugal force. More weight means more force to keep it spinning longer.


Angular momentum!

lol, thanks though, I was deciding between the dm2 and the protostar thats why.

Yep all of those!

Yeah, sorry for the mis-understand. I meant centrifugal force.