Zelda, or Skyrim??


I think I might know who will win…


I mean zelda so 1 vote for zelda


What are we comparing them on? graphics? gameplay? plot line? epic battles?
And I personally dont think they can be compared. One is a series that has been around since the NES, the other was just released. If skyrim is still getting bought and updated in 20 years, we’ll talk


Skyrim will probably last you longer and each play-through will be different.

Though, IMO, Zelda is more fun and has a better story.

You really can’t go wrong.




Overall to you.


Graphics: Skyrim
Gameplay: Zelda
Plot line: Zelda
Epic Battles: Tie

There you go.



(Connor) #9

I feel like Nintendo royally screwed everyone in the past years.

The past 4? Pokemon games have sucked. New Zelda is hardly comparable to the older ones. And lets face it, they dont have anything else going for them. Thats why I bought an XBox last week.



my brother just got it a few days ago and i think it’s awesome.

(Jei Cheetah) #11

Dungeons and dragons


Lol which game?? Zelda did have a dragon. (3) Skyrim obviously has a dragon.

(Connor) #13

Hes just trolling. Its a completely different game that hes talking about.