Game of The Year for G4


Skyward Sword by a mile. Assassins Creed is ok. But Skyward Sword FTW!!!

(Raphael) #2



gotta go with raph on this one…skyrim is way better, fanbase may not speak much because we’re too busy playing it though xD


lol lost by 2%


Haven’t played it, but, Skyrim.
Game of the year for me: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary


meh. Stats:
Skyward Sword:75%
Assassins Creed: 25%
How do you know that if you didnt play it, its better?
I wasnt going to get Skyward Sword until this year, when they launched it. I got it, and its awesome. But yeah my bro might get Skyrim, ill get a good chance to watch him!


played all 3 games myself and out of all 3 skyrim had the best replay value because of the amount of content there is, plus when they eventually release the DLC for the game it will include all of oblivion and tamriel from the games before, which is a HUGE add on if you ask me. Skyrim didnt get stats because we’re all too busy playing and leveling our dovahkiin for the inevitable DLC


hehe lol.


Skyward Sword:75%
Assassins Creed:25%


Zelda by 3!!!