the legend of Zelda games thread

anybody play Zelda games? i have played and beaten ocarina of time, majoras mask, wind waker, four swords adventures and Twilight princess. my favorite and i know i’m gonna get alot of hate for this… is TP. OoT is a great, great game, but think Tp has a better story and game play. so does anyone play them?

I’m playing TP right now. I might finish it soon.

I’ve really been wanting to play Ocarina of Time though…

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nice! if ya need any help let me know!
ocarina is worth playing. buy it on ebay or something

I LOVE Twilight Princess!! I finished it for the third time lol.

link to the past :smiley:

I’ve played the first one, one on the GBA (don’t know what it’s called) and two of the ones on nintendo DS. I’ve also got a zelda hat. :o ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: :o :wink:

So far twilight princess is the only one I’ve beat. Other ones that I’ve played was Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and Windwaker. Out of those only really like OoT… the gameplay of Majora’s mask was constricting and annoying, and Windwaker was too cartoony for me

Well, there’s a game that’s emulated versions of the first two games, Oot, and Majora’s Mask for gamecube, so I might buy that. It’ll definitely keep me busy in my spare time for quite awhile.

A Link to the Past (Never finished =C ) Ocarina of Time (Finished two times.) Majora’s Mask (Finished once. All masks =3 )Wind Waker (Little over half of the game.) Oracle of Seasons (Finished twice.) The Minish Cap (Finished twice.) Phantom Hourglass (Finished almost except that dumb boat battle I suck at that.) Spirit Tracks (Almost done just a figgen song I can’t play!) Twilight Princess (Played two dungeons.)

yes! I friggin love that game! ;D

The third dungeon drives me crazy.

i love you that you started this thread. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is the best game ever!!! they will never make a better game than that!!! its my all time favorite game. search it up on google: is the legend of zelda ocarina of time the best game ever? lol i have the origanal version for Nintendo 64. (1998 game of the year) i probably beat it like 400 times. (seriously) and i have it for game cube. (master quest) <== it was pretty hard the first time. lol and i have it for 3DS. now that is A PURE BOWL OF AWESOMENESS!!! the legend of zelda is da best!!!

my second fav zelda game is The Minish Cap. you know?? with Elzo?? i got it when i was like 4. i said to my uncle “i want link!!!” my bro needed to help him. and then they got me my 2nd fav zelda game of all time!! my sister is an awesome drawer, she drew me the picture of Elzo screaming at link!!! its soooo much better than the picture. she is also a zelda girl/gamer. <== but she is NOT a gamer. whenever she starts a new game on twilight princess. she goes through it ALL. but you think “wait she is in colledge??” whenever she has a break she steels the tv. (the game tv)

here are stats

Ocarina of Time. (da best!!!)

atleast 40-70 times. (i know!!!)

Minish Cap

7 times. (i know not that much)

twilight princess

2 times. but i beat ganondorf like 9 times. (its sooooo fun!!!)

Wind Waker

3(kinda hard)

i think i have more but me forgetting.


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I have played Ocarina of Time and beaten it AT LEAST 18 times, and it is my favorite game of all time! In fact, if you consider yourself a real Zelda fan you MUST play this game! If any of you have any questions on this game, I know this game BACKWARD and FORWARD (ALL the side quests, secrets, and pieces of heart). Another I enjoyed was  Majora’s Mask, but I’ve only beaten it once. It was hard… And Wind Waker and beaten it 3 times.

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