Zeekio Zenith binding issue

So I wanted to put this out there to get some (positive) feedback/answers.

I just bought the Zeekio Zenith. I’m absolutely in love with it. Perfect size, sleeps forever, throws smooth. BUT… I’m having trouble with binds all of a sudden. First off I’m a noob. I’ve only been at this a few weeks but I’m already half way up the 1A trick ladder so I’d like to think I’m progressing good. Up until now I’ve been using my T5 Overlord for unresponsive play. It throws great, binds on a dime but doesn’t sleep long (not the yoyos fault more a bearing issue but that’s a whole diff topic). So I’m doing ok with two and one handed binds on that thing. But this new Zeekio doesn’t seem to want to bind unless it’s spinning super fast. Which at the end of a couple combos is never the case. Not the case with the T5. That’ll bind no prob. The only difference between the two is ones metal and ones plastic. The other is I’m using a cotton/poly blend strings on my T5 and I’m using 100% polyester (what it came with) on the zeekio. And of course the two different performing bearings.

So is it one of the differences I listed above or is I just suck and need more practice? Maybe it’s the response pads on the Zeekio? I don’t know but I’d be in heaven if this thing would bind nicer and not my the end of my tricks look like a total fail.

Thanks in advance.

string and response pads will have an affect on how grippy the yoyo is. That being said you should be able to bind it no problem.

I think your T5 is binding abnormally well because of the bearing issue- is it responsive? Also, Zeekio pads are a bit slippier than some other stuff. Siliconing it might be smart.

So I’ve been throwing with the Zeekio nonstop for a week now. Either I’m getting much better at one and two handed binds or the pads have broken in and helped the binding issue. Probably a little of both. Either way it seems to have cleared itself up and I have no problems with this yoyo at all. Easily the best yoyo I have so far.

Thanks for the advice