Buddahs revenge help

So I’m stuck. Sometimes I can get the trick good. But most of the time when I throw the 1.5 mount over and attempt to land the yoyo in the middle of my 2 hands the yoyo binds itself. Any help/comments/suggestions?

well I think that is the bearing that cause it to bind. I recommend to clean it

I agree - it sounds like either your bearing is responsive and needs to be cleaned, or your yoyo response is too snaggy for some reason. What are you throwing, and what response does it have?

throwing a northstar with green cbc pads. when i use a center trac the trick works out fine. but when i switch to a 10 ball or a terrapin flat it binds in the middle of tricks. the 10 ball i just cleaned and the terrapin always run dry.

when i throw my protostar which has the same green pads and a 10 ball it doesnt bind. which is just blowing my mind

It’s probably because you cleaned your bearing. Generally you need to break it in after you clean it, so if you play with it for a while, it should end up being less responsive.

Yea I guess. Still doesn’t explain the binding with the terrapin bearings. It has to be something with maybe the pads aren’t worn in enough or aomething

Maybe it needs to be cleaned.

you may need to hold your hands a little further apart. If you bearing is a little responsive sliding along the slack string will cause it to bind when you don’t want it to. Just a matter of figuring out how to manipulate your hands so that it doesn’t bind.

i think it might be that you need to clean the bearing

Is it a coinsidence I know a legomiste911?