Recent Straight Throw Problems & Binds...

Alright I’m new to these forums (Introduction), and was seeking some advice on a couple things.

  1. I’ve had a pretty consistent and straight throw for years. I can throw my other yo-yos straight. However recently I picked up a YoYoFactory Velocity (for learning unresponsive play and binds, since I can adjust it to to be responsive), and I can only get a straight throw maybe every 1 out of 10 tries. No matter what, it seems the string wants to hug a wall (which hasn’t really effected my responsiveness yet). It’s to the point that I’m really considering getting a Center Trac Bearing for it, or picking up a Die Nasty (since it’s a $6 difference). I did read somewhere that it could be related to the bearing. Any thoughts on the matter?

  2. (As stated above) I’ve been working on binding. I can consistently get good binds from front mount tricks. However anything having to do with the trapeze mounts and it’s a 50/50 chance of return. I feel the string getting inserted in the gap, but I also feel it just flow right back out. I’ve been returning it when I can by popping it up and inserted the loop into the gap (and this works well sometimes, others not at all), and recently started practicing reverse trapeze returns. Mainly just looking for some advice here.

Also if there were any instructional vids for more advanced binds (once I get these down). Because these are rather simplistic. Before practicing unresponsive I consistently used summer salts as dismounts/returns because it felt they flowed better. And I just don’t get that same feeling of “flow” with binds. This might be rectified with more practice of course, but only to a certain extent.

  1. The center trac bearing will help center the string, but generally a good throw will get that string centered.

  2. Binding from reverse trapeze is the best. Binding straight from trapeze doesn’t work as well usually. Just keep practicing and you’ll get it. :wink:

Some people feel the same way, but generally binding seems for flowy when it becomes second nature to you and just comes naturally at the end of a trick. However, there is always the option of playing responsive. You can do just as much as the people that only play unresponsive, just takes a little bit more work. I quite enjoy playing responsive. :slight_smile:

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Ape hit nob on the binding, but i want to say something on the throwing matter. It doesn’t matter which bearing you have, the bearing won’t straiten your throw. If it’s tiliting i might know why. If the yoyo has and adjustable gap, and you use that without putting in shims, it will tilt. One side is farther from the other making it off balance. It’s not usually a big problem but if it bothers you get shims.


I’ll have to look into the gap thing. Since I only really have a problem with the Velocity, I thought something with the dials might be off balance.

As for the binds, yea I keep practicing them. I figure the flow really will come. But I’ve been trying to figure out some of the other binds I see in vids, without a whole lot of luck. Get a pointer here or there.