Skyva bind problems (is it the silver pads?)

I finally got a Skyva. Couldn’t wait. It is a clear yellow one. It looks great and when it binds, I love it. I can consistently bind on all of my other yoyos, but not the Skyva. Fast bind, slow bind, long tail, short tail. Different strings, Kitty fat, Kittly XL. Doesn’t seem to matter. Once in awhile it will bind, but it usually just slips right off the string. I admit, I am a beginner, but I can bind my other yoyos (10 or so) with about 95% success. With this Skyva I’m only getting a bind about 10% of the time.

Could it be these silvery grey pads? They feel the same as other Magic yoyo pads to the touch. I was thinking maybe there was some sort of break in time or something, but I’m not going to play with this yoyo enough to break it in, because it’s so frustrating. I have to hand wind it because it will rarely bind off of a snap start.

Any advice? Should I send it back to Yoyo Sam? I saw that there was a run with a too wide gap. I wonder if I got old stock.

In my experience the silver pads don’t bind that well. I normally change the stock pads on yoyos when I get them because most of the time they might not be that great. Try changing the pads

Really? I have never had issues with new yoyo pads. I use them for a bit and they are good to go! :slight_smile:

Yeeaaaah I have had two skyvas and they both have pretty slippy binds. The stock pads are not so great. I don’t get a 10% bind rate though. For me it’s around a 50/50

You myst learn to bind harder or change the response pads,but i noticed the skyva is slippy.

Do you have a transparent or solid skyva? I am also new to yoyoing. I love my skyvas The reason i ask is because the solid ones have slightly smaller gap. With the solid i find them kind of grabby i guess ide call it. I use kitty thins to reduce unwanted binds. I havnt had any troubles with being slippy tho so i guess im not to helpful.

I had the same problem when I bought a translucent Skyva. YoYoExpert paid for my return shipping and I was able to get a solid Skyva at no additional cost. I now have no issues with doing binds on the yo-yo.

Really?! I have a clear Skyva and it has always been a bit tough to bind (I typically have NO problems binding my other yoyo’s)… “slippy”… I usually just put it down for a week or so and try again, STILL never feels right.
Just figured it wasn’t for me… lol

Don’t know how many of you have disassembled your skyva, but this only exacerbates the binding issue, at least on mine. They are really tight going back together, so much so that I’m hesitant to go tighter even when I need to. However, I like the yoyo, I like the shape, colors, packaging, pretty much everything. I figure even if there’s a catastrophic failure I’m not out that much. Not sure if the metal skyva has the same issue, but I’d like to try it out. I like finger spins, but I’m not very good at them, so while a dedicated finger spin yoyo helps me, I’m hesitant to spend much on them