Do some kind of binds and tricks eat more response pads.....

… Like binds like sky bind or similar kind of binds eat more response pads and what about tricks? And can this happen like you can do a normal bind and not a sky bind could this be happening beacuase of pads are old or worn. Pads are Yoyofactory Red Pads in Shutter with a Dif E Yo Konkave bearing.

If you can do certain bind and not the other, this might be that the string rolls in differently, most likely there is more string on your normal bind than this sky bind you’re talking about, hence it doesn’t respond when the pads are worn out/something else happen.
I can only say some bind “might” eat more response system quicker, given I haven’t heard anyone would want to test that, but being able to bind or not doesn’t say anything about whether certain kind of binds eat pads faster or not.

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My friend claims that certain binds do in fact affect the life of pad response. For example, he has been doing this bind where your undermount goes over your hand and binds. His K-pads didn’t last a week, but mine did since I did only normal binds. This could be a one off thing but I do believe that certain binds can affect response life significantl

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Or maybe his didn’t last as long as your’s because he was doing binds much more than you were(since he was practicing a certain bind and you probably weren’t). There are too many factors that we don’t know about for us to draw any conclusions from that.

Think about it this way, pads wear out because of friction from the string. The string only creates friction on binds and throws(generally). Therefore, binds and throws are what causes response pad wear. The binds which cause the most wear are those which put the most stress on the pad.

I think one important factor is how hard a person throws. The harder you throw, the more stress you put on the pad. I know Jake Elliott(a forum member) throws very hard, and he burns through pads like crazy.

I had the same thing happen to me. (If it’s the bind i’m thinking about) I got a mint Al5 from the bst here and had it for 2 days before i busted the response on it while learning banana turnover. I have heard that the Al5 ships with some not-the-best response, but still 2 days? And before that, i had been yoyoing for 11 months and only had to replace response once.
Is the bind in this video the one you were referring to?

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Great vid Eli. I was gonna wait to try turnover and start horizontal till I got rancid milk down but it’s becomming stale and I need a new challenge I can conquer easily. This may not be as easy as I think but easy looking enough, plus it starts me in horizontal which gives me a break from the norm.

It’s a festivus miracle!

To the op’s question I have not noticed any difference in wear doing any different binds. It does however seem to make sense that you will eat response pads much quicker doing horizontal simply because of gravity putting more pressure on the string and yoyo which will inevitably create much more response pad and string contact. Just a hypothesis tho.

Merry Christmas all!

The bind I’m referring is sky bind you can search on YouTube rerthink have a tutorial of it.

What I’m saying that I could do sky bind almost pretty accurately. And then if the yoyo is spinning bit slow at the end of the trick I can do a sky bind. Now certainly can’t do sky bind even if throw and the straight away bind but normal bind can still be done till now

It makes sense that binding and throwing would put wear and tear on response pads, since those are the primary functions that utilize the response. It also seems logical to surmise that throwing hard and binding at high speeds would wear it out faster, in the same way that braking hard will wear out a cars brakes faster.

I’ve always practiced regens when I want to quickly break-in new silicone. Seems to work.

He just binds that way, wasn’t really practicing it specifically. I also throw a lot harder than him, but you’re right, there are too many factors to consider. Just a theory.

Yes, that exact bind.

I don’t think sky binds are particularly hard on response, maybe a little bit more. However the bind live wire was talking about, definitely more stress on the pads.