YYF Response

I haven’t been happy with the response in my Shu-Ta and Horizon. The binds slip, especially when you throw hard. I’m looking to replace them. Any recommendations?


How old are the pads? I noticed the same at first but after breaking in, they are pretty grippy and rarely slip.

Got them for xmas. I’ve played them quite a bit and they haven’t gotten any better.

Maybe the string? I generally use Fat Kitty so no issues with binds there. Let me see how a thinner string feels. Whelp just threw it with a thinner string and still, fine.

With a fast throw, I don’t see how it would slip. Are you sure you are binding right? (just asking cause the blue response pads are grippier than the standard white ones)

I have a variety of strings and I make my own. I switch them frequently. My bind is good too. I’m not a pro but I’m certainly not a beginner. Maybe the pads are defective. My bearing froze up on the Shu-ta as well. Maybe it’s a lemon. I’ve been reluctant to get anything from the CBC company as I seem to have more issues with them.

I’ve found most white CBC pads get waaaaaay too slippery for me, but I really like their natural pads

Hey Gym Kirk, sorry to hear you’re having problems with your yo-yos. It’s very odd that they respond less when you throw fast, it’s usually the other way around.

Are you using the stock response that came in the yo-yos? They can wear down and become less grippy, especially if you’ve been playing them a lot since Christmas. You might just need to replace the pads with grippier response pads like the Blue CBC or something like Flowable Silicone that you can adjust to your preference.

Did you purchase them from us? if so give us a call or send an email and we can help you out!