YYF Shutter Slippage?

While anxiously waiting for my Horizon to come in, I decided to whip out the Shutter again and mess with that. I’ve noticed (even the day I bought it) that my spin times seemed rather…poor compared to the rest of my throws. Upon looking at my throw last night, I realized that while I was giving a nice strong throw that the yoyo maybe wasn’t exactually getting the spin and felt like what felt like a slip at the last 6 or so inches of string.

Do the stock response pads on these Shutters tend to have a slip? I also feel like I’m not getting that tight of a bind especially compared to when I throw my One Drop Benchmark. Have any of you had any issues with the stock response on your Shutters? For what it’s worth, the pads mine have installed are a greenish hard rubber pad. I don’t know if it’s worth taking those out and applying some flowable silicone instead. I don’t know if it’s because the pads are still pretty fresh? I actually haven’t thrown it as much as my other throws. Any thoughts?

Hoping my Horizon doesn’t suffer from a similar issue…having good expectations based off the reviews I read :slight_smile:

Some yoyos does that, especially the ones with wide gap and more rim weighted, regardless of the response pad, but sometimes it’s the combination between the response vs string.

I get slipping problems like that on my CLYWs if the response pads are a little worn down and I’m using an old or thin string. Fresh pads, fresh string and fatter string seem to get rid of these problems by keeping the binds nice and tight.

A small update, looking at the specs I realized that my Shutter actually has the widest gap in my collection at 4.75mm. Honestly I thought all of these C-sized bearings had the same size gap. I can see why I was getting some slipping action.

Messing around with the Shutter on my break earlier I found that doing my binds closer toward the yoyo actually got a good snappy bind. I do think it’s due for new string though as I’m noticing it getting progressively slippy again and the string does look a bit worn for this gap size.

I own a shutter, you must bind slighly slower with stock pads when your throw is soft. Upgrade to yyf slim pads

The shutter I have came with the yellow/ greenish pad. They were slippy at first but they break in nicely after some play. Just keep playing they will come around.

my horizon slips more than my shutter, but both are fun to play with, i just adapt to the way they play, and the cheaper yyexpert contest string plays easiest on them, but to me its fun to try to get it to play with the slipperiest string i can find, both those throws seem very string sensitive to me, once I have the response tuned I can just change the way they play with the type of string used.

My shutter’s been playing a lot better…a combination of throwing in a better bearing (the stock one was lousy and left me very underwhelmed after spending $60 on it) and breaking in the pads (I’ve been playing this a bit more) the yoyo has been a solid performer in my arsenal and lately has been a go-to throw rather than hiding out on my desk at home or in my yoyo case.

My shutter came with these pads, was wondering if anyone else got these pads. I was thinking of buying the white response pads for it. Just wanted to see what everyone opinion is and did not want to start a new thread as this one seemed like an okay spot to do it.

The Marathon pads are one of my all time favorite responses. I find them to give some reliable binds and they last longer than the standard white CBC pads

Not a fan of the YYF white pads to be honest, found them to be very slippy for me.