Shutter not binding like it used to

A lot of the time for me to get my Shutter to return to my hand, I have to really force the string into the yo-yo during the bind. Does that mean I need to change the CBC Silicone Slim Pads? Or do I need to add thick lube to the bearing? My yo-yo is 4-5 months old. If I need to replace the pads, do they simply peel off and then I stick the new ones on?

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I would not lube the bearing if you like unresponsive play. Try new pads first…you should be able to get the pads out easily with an exacto knife

Use a tooth pick so you don’t scratch the metal

Check the pads, if they are already deep or concaved you need to change them.

Lube does NOT help at all. There is a difference between grip (response pad) and responsiveness (bearing), don’t confuse them.

i have the same problem with my shutter as well. mines almost a year long do pads take to wear down?


@MkQuarky Good Lord, change those bad boys! Pads typically last anywhere from three weeks to two months depending on how much you use them. Considering that you might throw anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours a day.

If your yoyo is a shelf queen, they will last longer.

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Definitely a good time to throw some new pads in there! With pretty steady use its a good idea to change pads one to two months, etc. Just depends how much you use it - can be much faster or much shorter, etc.


If it’s slipping with a newish string, or starts to slip again after 1/2 hr or so with a new string, it’s the pads. You need a supply of fresh string, pads, and thin lube. The thin lube bottle will last years most likely. Some pads will slip even when new. They are the wrong pads for the particular yo-yo.

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