Shutter not binding like it used to


A lot of the time for me to get my Shutter to return to my hand, I have to really force the string into the yo-yo during the bind. Does that mean I need to change the CBC Silicone Slim Pads? Or do I need to add thick lube to the bearing? My yo-yo is 4-5 months old. If I need to replace the pads, do they simply peel off and then I stick the new ones on?


I would not lube the bearing if you like unresponsive play. Try new pads first…you should be able to get the pads out easily with an exacto knife


Use a tooth pick so you don’t scratch the metal

(rizkiyoist) #4

Check the pads, if they are already deep or concaved you need to change them.

Lube does NOT help at all. There is a difference between grip (response pad) and responsiveness (bearing), don’t confuse them.