unresponsive pad question

I have a Shutter and a few other unresponsive throws, do i need to ever replace my Pads on the yoyo?

Im not interested in modding it or anything i have the cash to just buy the proper stuff.

Thanks guys

You’ll have to replace them at some point, but it really depends on how much you play. The more you play, the more they will wear down.

My Shutter needed replacement pads because they eventually wore down and lifted from the groove, and the sticker adhesive blocked up my bearing. Simple fix really, just swapped the pads and cleaned the bearing in some lighter fluid.

Replace them if that happens or if you notice it won’t bind properly.

To do it right your going to want to buy some “goo-gone” or other similar product. Then you need a pin, soap, water, Q-tips, and any YYF pads. Use the pin to take out the current pads and then scrape out as much of the adhesive as you can. then pour goo gone into the pad well and let it sit for a few minutes. Use a q-tip to dry it out and scrape out the extra material. Then take the yoyo to the sink and use soap, water, and q-tips to get out the extra goo-gone as well as any stubborn adhesive. Dry it completely, the yoyo wont rust but the bearing will if it gets wet plus pads wont stick to a wet surface. Then you can apply the pads, make sure they are completely pressed down flat or else they will fall out really fast.

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