shutter yoyo pad problem


hi im new to yoyos and i got a shutter yoyo as a gift a few agos not even a month old and im having problems with the pads in the yoyo they just came out and i cant seem to get them to fit back back into place i woke up to the pads looking like this


Looks like it either got wet or kept in a very humid environment, the pads have stretched and the glue isn’t holding. Just get some new pads, they’re designed to be replaced anyway - YYE appears to be out of white pads, but you could get some yellow ones for $3 -


cool thanks for the help man


That happened to me when i spilled lube on it.
Or if they get old.


You’re going to need to buy some new pads. They’re like $2 for a set of pads in the YYE store.