yoyo pads annoying me!

So, the other day I threw my supernova and it felt weird.kinda vibey. So I threw it another time and bonded, the pad fell off. This has happened like 4 times already. Why? Im using yoyofactory natural pads. I really dont know a lot about pads, so if you have a question I can answer it.

If the first pad came out, it might be that there was never a great bond to begin with… the adhesive was off, there was other gunk in there… some sort of oil perhaps…

Clean the schnutz out of the groove before installing the next pad. Press super-firm on the pad into the groove. If it comes out again, I got nuthin’. Could be your environment (humidity, etc.)… Pads and adhesives aren’t forever; maybe they’re meeting their natural end?

Well, the pads that came with mine came out, then I changed them. A guy did it for me, ge cleaned it and everything. I pushed them back in and its been fine, do I need to worry?

I don’t understand this thread. :wink:

What I read was: “My pads have fallen out 4 times. Why? And what do I do?”

If that’s not the question, just forget what I said!