Substitute pad for my friend's shutter

So my friend called me yesterday to tell me that he shreded the pad of the shutter in half, i don’t know what it look like and yoyo is pretty important between us for him to call me at 10 pm but yeah… Do some one have an idea of what could temporary replace the pad before they arrive and don’t say silicone beacause he is scared to mess up

Maybe an o-ring of the right size? Although that would certainly make it more responsive. Not sure what else would be that size and shape.

Honestly, if he can’t wait a few days for new ones to come in, the only real choices are to pull pads outof another throw and oput them in if they fit, or just use silicone, even though you said he’s scared he’d mess up.

It’s actually not that hard to pour your own into the yoyo. There’s many threads on here and plenty of good vids on YouTube. The only way to learn is to to try, just like with anything in life.

If he doesn’t really wanna try, then he really has no other choice but to hold out a few days til they arrive. Good luck! :slight_smile:

in canada shipping is 1 to 5 week and it is his only yoyo. guess he will have to wait ^^

Under the circumstances, he should learn to silicone. And it’s not like you can’t clean it up if you mess up a bit.