String "slipping"

Hey guys.

I have a Metal Zero yoyo and I’ve really liked it so far. But really recently (last day or so) the yoyo seems to be losing quality… Normally, when I throw a breakaway or something, the yo-yo drops smoothly down the string and spins for quite a long time. But recently, it seems like when I throw it, the string “slips” out. It’s not longer smooth or natural, and it kind of jars my finger and hand. I don’t know if I’m explaining it right, but it’s a pretty big hinderence. Also, it has started not even coming back up to my hand unless I bind it, and about 35% of the time even a bind doesn’t work. I don’t really know what’s wrong with it…

Any help would be greatly appreciated D:

How long have you had it and how much have you played it?

I’m debating sending mine out, or buy a second to have sent out to be modified to be compatible with flowable silicone.(I like to have a stock item for reference sometimes). Chances are you need a new friction or silicone sticker.

As Studio said, it’s your pads. Friction stickers wear out pretty quickly. Replace them and it’ll feel like new.

Okay. Makes sense.
I got it last Thursday I think. My original actually broke so they sent me a brand new one. I didn’t know they would wear out that fast :o


Get the silicone ones. They supposedly last a lot longer.

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You’ll be buying friction stickers for the rest of your life if you don’t switch. Silicone or reponse pads should work a lot better and provide better and tighter binds. Happy throwing!

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