Not getting good spin


WARNING! total n00b problem ahead:

I just started getting into yoyo a week ago and picked up a raider and freakhand at the local toys r us. I spend most of my time with the freakhand trying to learn string tricks, but after a week now it’s not behaving like I’d expect it to. At first it was easy to get good sleeps out of it and I didn’t have much trouble learning to bind it, but now whenever I throw, it feels like it just drops to the end of the string and has little to no spin. Also the string comes unraveled very easily and even after retwisting it wants to stay loosely twisted and the yoyo has even come off a few times. I changed the string once and after a few days it’s back to this state.

So, I feel like I have to be doing something really wrong with my throw. I don’t have any problems with the raider, but I’ve played more with that kind of yoyo. Any help is appreciated! ;D


The Friction stickers are worn out. They tend to not last too long, so I would pick up a pair or Duncan Silicone Stickers here: (get the 12mm (?) silicone ones)


You can also silicone your freak hand if you want. The silicone doesn’t last that long because the recess is very shallow but it lasts a lot longer than friction stickers. I have used blue gasket maker on my FH2 which has worked decent. As far as the string unraveling, are you lefty? If so, every throw the string becomes a half turn looser. To fix this you can use a trick like UFO, or sidewinder. Those are both on this website I believe.


Ah! Now that I’m looking at it the stickers do have the top layer worn off. I think I’ll go pick up some silicone and give that a try.
Also, yes, I am a lefty. I usually try to mix in UFOs as I play to keep the tension right, but I often forget about it until it gets bad lol.


yeah lefty! Also might want to pick up some type x inverse strings (string for Left handed yoyoers) I am getting some as soon as I get my next Yoyo order together. Also if your left handed the string will naturally become untwisted.