Flying saucer/ UFO help please.

To me it seems like either way I spin it the string tention always gets tighter. I will upload a video of this soon. Ive gotten it to work like once out of 50 times. Very VERY frustrating ? Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

well this is what i do
throw the yoyo down, grab it then bring your both hands together
the if string that’s dangling is twisting together to the left, that means you need to try to spin the yoyo counter clockwise sideways
if the string twists to the right you need to spin the yoyo clock wise sideways

When you are throwing to the left, you arent twisting your hand all the way. Look at the way André shows, and make sure you twist your hand back correctly.

just take your throw hand and throw it to the oppisite side of that hand and as you throw slant your hand so it will go in a horisontal direction like this <------- or like this------->
if Right handed if Left handed

There are also other tricks that help with string tension such as the side winder. I personally find it better than the ufo, but thats probably b/c i had a similar problem with the ufo. Here is also a video.

check your string
it should get tight when you twist clock wise
and get loosen on anti clock wise.

for trick help
get ur hand in throwing position, twist it towards right ,as you can see the cap of your yoyo and through for loosen it

sorry for any mistake

Are you left handed or right handed? If your left Handed thats probaly why, and it probaly is getting tighter. Sorry, I cant help you there. ???

Remember the old saying "Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty!
So a throw to the left loosens the string - yoyo spins anti clockwise, and a throw to the right tightens the string - yoyo spins clockwise
Also when throwing the yoyo to do a UFO, as soon as you have thrown the yoyo down to the floor at an angle of about 80 degrees, bring your throwing hand over the top of it straight away, to counteract the movement of the string.
If performing UFO pick the string up with your non throw hand and the yoyo will spin to its hearts content!

Hope this helps

I agree, the best way to adjust string tension is “sidewinder”. I always use this and this solves your problem very fast.

However, if you want to learn a string tension adjuster then here is a video for advanced players: