Response Problems

One of my friction stickers(silicon) just ran out. So, I put a new one on but now its wicked responsive. Also, the string sometimes sticks to the bearing. Example, when i’m in a trapeze or any other trick where its on the string, I can’t adjust the loop size cuz its sticky. My assumption is that it needs thin lube. I ordered some awhile ago but the place I ordered from is currently out of stock and don’t know when its gonna come. Do you guys think its lube too? or does it have to do with the friction sticker? ???

what yoyo? I think i could fix it

Duncan Metal Zero 2

Okay–First of all, you need to break in the pads. Just play with it a while, until the pads are worn in a little. Then, check your bearing. Is it spinning at all? If not, there is something wrong with it, and that would be why it is snagging.

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