Legacy response question...

OK so when ever i do tricks like buddha’s revenge or GT it will shoot back to my hand without warning…any way to fix this?

Clean and lightly lube the bearing. Sounds like it has a little too much lube in there. Mine never snagged.

what is the response system in there currently? the original pads? silicone? does the bearing spin freely? could you provide more info?

Try loosening the string or getting a new one. Lube it.

It sounds just like your string is sticky. Is it humid in your area? Sweaty hands?

well i use 100% poly string the yoyo has the original response and bearing

2 or 3 drops of lube, shave the silicone so it’s flush or even concave, loosen the string tension, make the adjustable gap the loosesed

(flowable) silicone it if possible

You could have a bad bearing(I did),Need thin Lube, or you have a old string.

Get better at the trick.

Focus on keeping all the strings in plane and minimize excess slack in the string.