Zeekio Core Review (Quality Photos)

Zeekio yoyos don’t get too much attention. That is due to the belief that they are bootlegs, which is false. They make partnerships with other brands such as Recrev or YoyoEmpire. These yoyos are the same, but with Zeekio’s name on them.

I bought this yoyo for the purpose of competition. When I went to Ohio States, I didn’t have a full sized competition ready yoyo. Therefore, I bought this, and it was at a price I couldn’t pass up.


This yoyo comes in Blue with Black splash and Pink with Black splash. I chose the pink. I have seen other Zeekio yoyos have anodization flaws, actually. This one, is perfect. No flaws, and the finish is smooth. In the inner cup, it says “Core” and microscopically says “Zeekio”. The shape is a “stepped” V shape. It feels great in the hand. When coming back to the hand, the shape reduces impact.



It has the basic 19mm response pads and C sized ball bearing. Let me get this out of the way right now, the stock bearing is complete crap. The stock bearing screeches like crazy and makes the yoyo responsive, so I had to change out the bearing for a nice KK bearing. The stock slim pads feel like the generic ones that come stock in many bootleg yoyos. But I didn’t change them out because they are usable, but slippy, but isn’t too much of a problem.



Despite the crappy bearing and response, this thing is dead smooth, and plays better than most yoyos I have tried. The grinding surface of this yoyo is great. It can do most grinds, unless you consider finger spins a grind. This yoyo can not finger spin. Again, it is dead smooth and has no vibe. It glides nicely on the string. It is not the fastest yoyo out there. I have trouble trying to do faster tricks because it feels very solid, but not so solid that it would slow you down. It feels very “steady” and I’m sure if you wanted to do fast tricks, you could build some momentum and it would carry it nicely. Over all it feels very balanced yet not too heavy, so it ended up making a nice contest yoyo for me.

Here is a comparison picture to the Onedrop Rally.


If you are into extremely speedy yoyoing, probably get the Duncan Raptor. Otherwise this yoyo is good for most modern styles of play.

Nice review! I got a zeekio bird at worlds for my first offstring.


I have been curious about that yoyo currently

So what do you mean by partnerships? Does recrev just say “here try this design” or what? Great review for an interesting yoyo. I just didn’t get that one part.

The other company gets some money from sales of Zeekio yoyos.

What yoyo is the core based on?

YoyoEmpire Promise

Do they play similar?

Yes, exactly the same.

But the finish and look of the Zeekio Core looks better, in my opinion.