The Bird is the Word! Zeekio Bird Review!

For the past month or so, I have been testing Zeekio’s very first yo-yo, The Zeekio Bird.

The online listing can be found here:

First of all, it’s an offstring yo-yo. Let’s start with that. And here’s the review!

First Impression (Look):
When I first saw this thing, I thought, that’s an Aquarius! It looks about the same size, rubber rims, it looked a lot like one. The colors look amazing, they currently have yellow and blue, and they both look great. They are nice, bright tones that can match with almost any string color. The caps also look amazing, the writing and the bird artwork both look amazing. The only downside to its look that I can think of are that there are small molding marks on the rubber, but I throw it over concrete so it doesn’t matter anyway. I think Zeekio did a great job on their presentation.

Feel in my hand and yo-yo specs:

Diameter: 75 mm
Width: 50 mm
Weight: 65 grams (yes, that’s right, 65 grams)

When I picked this yo-yo up, it felt like, well, an Aquarius. But about 5 mm wider. It fit into my hand just perfectly, with my middle finger in the center and my pointer and ring fingers along the rims. It felt perfect. It’s response system is simply the side walls of the yo-yo. It also felt light, VERY light, 10 grams lighter than the Aquarius, and it made me wonder… how will it play?

Yo-Yo Play:

Well, I was skeptic. This thing was LIGHT. I was expecting it to snag at the end of the string, and I was worried. Well, to make a long story short, it didn’t. It came right off the string like it’s supposed to, and may I add, I forgot about its lightness for a minute. The weight of the rubber rims compared to the body give it pretty long spin time for an offstring yo-yo. It plays like a sort of mix between a light and heavy yo-yo. You can really feel its weight there, and I like that, feeling the little plunk when it hits the string, but it plays light. It can handle fast tricks, but it can also handle slower, smooth, flowing tricks. The binds are a bit loose, and can take some getting used to, but with its good spin time, I think it was a good sacrifice to make. Now, I’ll talk about the SMOOTHNESS of this yo-yo. When I get a perfect throw on this thing, I wonder whether or not it’s spinning. It’s so smooth that it is, um, really perfectly awesomely dead smooth. This is without a doubt the smoothest offstring yo-yo I’ve ever used. This yo-yo truly lived up to and beyond my expectations.

Overall Impression:

This is a great offstring yo-yo, without a doubt my favorite. I love the shape of it, it fits perfectly into my hand. I love its weight on a throw and on the string. It’s all around GREAT for me. And people who miss the Aquarius, but don’t want to go spending $40+ to get one off the bst, get this. It’s not the same as an Aquarius, it’s better. And at a $20 price point, this is definitely a yo-yo you can’t miss. Like I said, it lived up to and beyond my expectations.

Now, to conclude my review, I’d like to post this song:

Alright, that’s it! This is my first yo-yo review, so tell me how I did!

i was gonna post the song lol you beat me to it, i wish i had tried it on saturday, but a great review, very well written

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Hey guys, can you all please give me more feedback on my review?


Excellent…Bird Bird Bird,Bird is the word…