4a yoyos?

Okay, I’m going to attempt 4a, it looks fun, but I don’t know what yoyo to get. Do you have any suggestions? I have no idea about preference btw, because it is my first time…

haybasu or or any yoyo really i started with a freehand 1 so theres is no real need to buy a new one just use a beater

I recommend getting a Zeekio Bird. It’s my favorite 4a yo-yo ever, and it’s just an overall great beginners 4a player. It’s got a small gap for fairly easy binds, but it doesn’t snag that much. It’s just an amazing yo-yo. Here’s a link to my review:

I would suggest just using a yoyo you have for 1a already. When you go to get a “real” 4a yoyo, you’ll be that much better.

If you don’t want to go that route, give a search and you’ll find plenty of topics to fit your question.

use yoyos ;D

Big Yo? Will it get dented though? Or scratched?

it wont dent but it might scratch

griffin wing or aquarius IMO

you can buy some aquas at www.DONTPOSTOTHERSTORES.COM

Does anything bad happen if I drop a yoyo without the rubber? Will it like self destruct?


My list:

Zan Navi
Griffen Wing
Zeeko Bird
Flying Panda
Dark Magic (Or any 1A yoyo basically)

Only a few.

i have used a hyabusa sl since i started its great

its hit the concrete tons of times its still perfect but the rings on the outside get dirty

Sorry for the necro, but I am still undecided. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m thinking about a Big-Yo, Zeekio Bird, or something else entirely.

Questions about each:
Big Yo- Will it break if it hits the ground hard? Like does the lack of rubber rims give a an advantage in suicidal attempts? (As in self destruct.)

Zeekio Bird- Does the lack of response and close walls make it spin slower or affect spin?

Other- Is there a better choice…

Big yo’s are smooth after a couple drops. You should see my Bigyo, Really scratched up yet, still smooth. When you drop it, it bounces, so it wont run away like an aqua.

I have a Bigyo and it has taken tons of beatings and the only marks on it are just scuffs and scratches. It is probably one of the most durable offstring yo-yos.

So if I throw a big yo up high, say like 2 stories, and miss on concrete… it survives?

What about Zeekio Bird? Any problems with the gap?

Never tried a Zeekio Bird, but yes, I am almost positive the bigyo will survive that fall.

just get freehand 2 from toys r us if u dont want to spend alot of money its pretty good and you wont care if you hits the ground alot

Okay… what does a tight gap do to an offstring yoyo?

And would you recommend Big Yo or Aquarius. (Yes, I know they’re gone.)

Tight gaps make it easier to bind. Those 2 yoyos are great.

Try a Pocket Chang with OS rims. It’s SOOOOO awesome.
I launced it two stories high, missed the catch, and it didn’t break or even bend a little.