YoYoFactory Flight

Opening: I have always been a fan of offstring yo-yoing, both watching freestyles and playing it myself. I had the YoYoJam Fiesta XX for a while and enjoyed playing with it. However, one day it just started being vibey and not sleeping for as long as it did before. I changed the bearing and string but neither made a difference, it just stopped functioning well. Not saying YoYoJam is not good, after all the yo-yos they create are the choice of champions, but my Fiesta XX stopped working for me personally. I knew I needed a new 4a yo-yo to get back into the game of offstring. When YoYoFactory announced they were making their first offstring yo-yo since the FAST Offstring, I immediately knew I wanted it but I waited as soon as C3yoyodesign also announced the making of Rei Iwakura’s Flawless. When both yo-yos came out I compared price tags and the Flight surely was more affordable for my budget so I decided to buy it and see how it stacked in the offstring scene.

Specs (Source: Yoyoexpert.com):
Diameter: 75.95 mm / 2.99 inches
Width: 57.25 mm / 2.25 inches
Gap Width: 2.5 mm / .09 inches
Weight: 81.2 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: CBC 19mm Slim Pads

First Impressions: I got the yo-yo along with 100 count yo-yo string from yoyoexpert.com and I immediately opened the box. I mention in my other reviews that for 1a throws a 67-69 gram range is preferable for me, but when it comes to 4a yo-yos I like the weight to be at about 80 grams since my Fiesta XX was in that weight range and the Flight came in at 81.2 grams which was perfect for me. I got the yo-yo in Aurora Marble color and it looks amazing both when spinning and when not spinning. The shape is very comfortable being neither too small or too big, it is just right. I put a string on it and began to test the yo-yo out.

Play: Upon the first throw the spin time was as phenomenal as my Fiesta XX when I had barely got it. The bearing was quiet at first but got a bit noisy eventually, easy fix with thin lube, and long spinning (and it still is). Since I had not done offstring play in a while I immediately began to work on combos and within a few weeks I was back into the game of 4a. Being wider than my Fiesta XX, it really helped with learning tricks as well as making whips and catches easier to do. I tried grinds and they did not go well for me, after I put on a glove however, grinds worked perfectly. Off-axis thumb grinds take a while to get used to if you have not done them, which was my case since I am still working on them and getting better. Regenerations also worked great with the yo-yo but with a narrow gap you do need to be careful with those snags. I do use both normal Kitty String and 100% poly YoYoExpert string, for me both work great and give me no problems while playing, it’s all a matter of preference.

Final Thoughts: This is the yo-yo that in my opinion puts YoYoFactory back on the list of companies that provide great offstring yo-yo’s. Keep in mind that I am in no way downgrading the Fiesta XX by YoYoJam, I was just comparing it with the Flight since it is the only other offstring yo-yo I own. The Fiesta XX is a fantastic yo-yo, it just stopped working for me thats all. The Flight is an awesome yo-yo for whether you are a beginner or an expert. If you are still not convinced with my review check out the yotricks video review if you would like to learn more. What do you guys/girls think? Feedback is greatly appreciated. If you would like me to upload a video of what is wrong with my Fiesta XX and would like to help me fix it please ask. Thank you very much for reading.

Thanks for the review. I’m terrible at 4A, but still have fun when my son lets me use his Flight.

Regarding the Fiesta that stopped working, have you tried cleaning the bearing? Just wondering, and it could be worth a try to revive a yoyo you seem to enjoy.

You are very welcome. I have not cleaned the bearing mainly because I do not want to hurt the plastic on the yo-yo using the wrong solvent. May I ask what you use to clean the bearing? I have heard mixed reactions about using lighter fluid and mineral spirits.

Those solvents are both fine. Just make sure the bearing is dry before putting it in the yo-yo.

I use acetone then dry the bearing with compressed air before putting a very small drop of thin lubennn