YoYoJam Aquarius Review

↓↓↓ The “Tralalalala’s” Of YYJ’s Hands Down Offstring (4A) Yo-Yo, The Aquarius ↓↓↓


Manufacturer→                                   YoYoJam
Shape→                                           Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g)→                                   74.60
Width (mm)→                                   45.80
Diameter (mm)→                                   74.72
Gap Width (mm)→                           2.33
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width)→   6.3x9.49x3.14
Gap Type→                                   Adjustable
Stock Response System→                   Tapered Gap

Now Here It Goes!..

I go home almost 10:00PM just because to watch Secondhand Serenade free concert in a mall.
then when i arrive in my house, i saw a mail, i don’t expect that when i open it, it was a YYJ Aquarius! with 15 kitty strings, when i opened it, i was so happy!, because before i always just
look this yo-yo in Online stores but now i have it.

First Play


Because i thought whips are easy, much more i expect that Leg Orbits was just so easy.
When i saw my 4A idols like Lim Aik Hwee & John Narum the tricks are so easy to watch,
but when i try… No words…  ;D,

While Playing, I noticed that it is so good, enough spin time, and also I’m pretty sure that
it is well fit for everybody’s hand!, and the spin time is also sufficient for every player skill level.
I always play everyday, until the bearing turn dark (that is breaking right?), it is well balanced.
it doesn’t make the trick fall to failed, because the weight and shape and perfect because the
weight is all-through out the rubber rims, not in the center of the yo-yo which is plastic.

It is so perfect when learning a trick, much more in whips, because i always notice that when
i do some open string whips on it, the string will bite in the yo-yo, even do it nearly stops to spin.
(i don’t know if it is normal or something else!  :)) Bouncing: it is also good, it bounce high when
the yo-yo is straight.

(My Aquarius now is dead, because i play it with the caps off. while playing the plastic nipples (the pointy shape when you take off the caps in it) has a crack, but i didn’t mind it, until the crack was eventually got bigger, until it dies. (the nipple side of the yo-yo that is not attached with the axle has removed, so it cannot play as good as before. :frowning:

So Overall Rating - 5/5 i don’t have problems with the Aquarius, it’s perfect in my opinion, i don’t have regret when it was broken, because i was happy while playing with my Aquarius, it is also
less maintenance, much more it is Tapered Gap.

Want to play Offstring (4A)?, Don’t be confused, get a YYJ Aquarius!,  :slight_smile:

-Enough & Long Spin Time For Learning & Performing Tricks!
-Suited For Any Skill Level!
-Affordable Price!
-Durable, High Quality!
-Good For Any Size Of Hands! :slight_smile:


Aquarius FTW!

Reviewer - iHateMATT
Soon to be YoYoeXpert Forum Expert!

Have a nice day everyone! :slight_smile:

Haha Great review matt! Very neat and tidy review ;D i was just wondering, is the rubber soft rubber? or is it tough rubber?

it is hard.
it is slight soft.

Just trying to point out something…
I thought breaking was supposed to mean breaking down the lube in the bearing and not the bearing turning dark, right?

Yeah “breaking in the bearing” means the breaking down of the lube inside the bearing so the yoyo is unresponsive,
I read the one you bolded and I get what he means,
he meant the outside of the bearing (the cage) got some rust or stain
it happens in my bearings also but it does not affect play, I suspected it happens due to the hot weather here in the philipines, not like other countries it’s cold, and snowy ;D

but yeah theres no problem to it  ;D

Nice review by the way
is it your first?
if it is, thats pretty cool :o

but I dont have the same problem as you, I play my Aqua without caps and theres no crack one bit
but maybe I just dont play as much 4a as you

Hope to hear more reviews from you :slight_smile:

Yes, kenz_mori, it’s my first review.

WOW. Amazing review! I mean it! Thats a review! It describes everything about it. You should get a metal for the best Offstring review! (That I’ve seen. No offense to other Offstring reviews.) Nice! :wink:

Cool, the rust thing happens at ALL of my smaller bearings… don’t know why.

Maybe cause you play with your small bearings in a humid place or placed them in a humid place,
but if there’s another cause of it I respectively don’t know of it.