YoYoJam Aquarius

The first yoyo i ever bought was the YoYoJam Aquarius, about 1 1/2 years ago. I’ve bought about 15 after that. But my main concern is that i really got into Offstringing. And i don’t like throwing the Aquarius because of the high response on it. Before it even goes into the air, it comes back on me. So now i use the Dark Magic, since it has a KK bearing in it. But i want to use the Aquarius because it has rubber edges.

Does anyone know how i can make less responsive and the spin time longer?

I don’t get this.

You have an Aquarius, that’s clear. You have a DM2, that’s also clear.

Are you saying you’ve bought 15 oher Aquarius yoyos or 15 other yoyos period? I’d think if you’d sink so much into yoyo’s you’d know a bit more about your various yoyos.

Correct me if I’m wrong, as I have an Aquarius too, isn’t it an adjustable gap? I found doing my test throws, it was getting snaggy, so I loosened it up and it worked better. I never caught it, but considering I never did 4A before in any way, I wasn’t expecting much either. I was merely testing to ensure the yoyo was otherwise working as it should.

I’m not into off-string yet. The Aquarus was bought to be a beater to be used to learn off-string when I’m ready to learn off-string. I have other off-strings in inventory and planned so when I get into off-string I’ll be ready and have some variety.

I’ve bought many yoyo’s following the purchase of the Aquarius. But their all on string. Im not good with offstring yoyo’s, but i want to learn. When you say adjustable gap. Do you mean loosen up one of the sides as if i was going to fix a knot around the bearing?.

No, don’t loosen it up that much. But yes, you’ll need to unscrew it a little but, say like a 10th of a turn or less and then try a test throw until you find something that works for you.

Thank you very much Studio42

Glad to be of assistance.

You really need to keep practicing your throw. That aquarius can handle anything you could throw at it. It’s not the yoyo’s fault here. Just keep working at it.

If its still to small buy shims or make ur own