Aquarius Review

The aquarius is made by Yoyojam.
It has a diameter of 2.94 inches, a width of 1.86 inches, a weight of 75 grams and uses tight gap response.
The pros: It has a sharp shape, so it is easier to do whips and the string can slide into the gap easily. Because of its rubber rims, it has a nice bounce to it when it hits the floor and it does not get dinged easily.
The cons: The tight gap response makes it responsive, so it snags easily, sometimes, it comes back to my hands even when I don’t want it to. And it also gets knots very easily.
As for the spin time, I cannot really conclude yet as the bearing have not broken in yet, so it has quite a short spin time.
I cannot really compare this to other yoyos as this is the only offstring yoyo I have.
Overall, I feel that this is an offstring yoyo to buy and it is worth the money if you like winged-shaped yoyos.

I was just wondering, is the rubber hard like Offstring by YYF? Or is it soft like an eraser?

The Aquarius’ rims are said to be made of rubber, but to me, they just feel like soft plastic.

It just does not feel as rough as rubber.

mine is coming in the mail here soon cant wait! and i bieleve u can make it less responsive by widing the gap if u diddnt already do that,

I tried widening the gap and it still gets knots, although less frequently.

Yeah ive got 1 i love it. ANd yes if u widden the gap it will be less responsive. I think the outside is like a hard rubber not plastic because u can stick something in there if you wanted to. But it deffinately is a good yoyo and the only complaint is longer sleep time but other than that great :wink: