Improved aquarius

I was hoping yoyojam would design a new version of Aquarius, with the same features as the original one, but has metal rims, covered with a layer of harf rubber. This might let the yoyo spin longer, and the metal would not be easily dinged. What are your views on this?

Sorry, I meant hard rubber.

and when the yo yo snags and hits your knuckles?

If it snags, You soldier on, ya wuss. =)

The rubber rims on the Aquarius give enough rim-weight. Metal will probably make the yoyo easier to break while avoiding a big increase in weight. You will probably get a price-hike as well. Rubber is actually quite heavy and the Aquarius already has a weight of 75 grams.

Well whats wrong with a 100 gram Aquarius? :wink: haha but i don’t think YYJ will actually do this, no one will buy it, bcause of what kevlar said.

The only thing I could thing of, is a 5mm larger gap but I can’t find anything wrong with the spin and/or the body.

That might actually be pretty cool! I’m either getting an aquarius, big yo, or hayabusa today, so I’ll comment back again if I get an aqua.

You know what, thats an excellent idea! They should. Smart one! :wink:

The only improvements I’d make are a slightly larger gap and less grippy rubber (or different rim material).

Soft plastic rims?

Yeah, Something like the BigYo but with more weight.

Yeah, that’s what my problem with the big yo was. Not enough weight so it just came back at the end of the string.

The Agua was only about 2 grams heavier than a bigyo though.

Honestly, The Bigyo IS the improved Aquarius, I think.

Well if you make the gap of the aqua than it wont come back. The aqua has no response To speak of so it needs a tight gap. But I think the metal rimed idea is good and bad. Later.

Keep it spinning™

I actually stumbled over something nice while browsing through euro-yo. Alchemy made some weight rings for the Aquarius some time. I don’t know if you can get them anymore though.

Addment: If they should change the material on the rims, they should just use harder rubber. Less grippy, and more bouncy.

How about mantaining the tight gap but using recessed silicone response?