What yoyo (I.E. Aquarius) is good for offstring. I’d really really like rubber rims like the Aquarius, really no preferences after that though. Thanks guys!

where are you going to play it? glass or concrete? if it is concrete I highly suggest the Aquarius, if you are going on the grass, then I suggest you a bigyo or something, just a side note you can do hilarious 1a with a offstring yoyo especially bigyo.

Hard wood.
Can’t get an Aquarius, discontinued, remember? lol

Shinwoo griffin wing is pretty good if you like rubber. close to the same size an an aqarius.

Also there is a new YYJ offstring called the Fiesta thats coming out sometime soon. its not rubber but its very durable. and its also close to the same size as the aquarius.

I’ll have to wait for the Fiesta I guess. I’ve heard the Shinwoos are crap


this guys using a shinwoo griffin wing
sorry there’s two :-[

Only post the link, not the embedded crap.
And I hear that the axles break easily, no offense, but I’m trusting the seasoned veterans at YYN over you Johnny.

I’ve played a Griffin Wing and its not crap. The newer runs are supposed to be more durable than the older one.

Ah. I may consider it then.

you could get a pocket change with the offstring attachment. i hear those are boss. not the yoyo boss, just boss as in good. they are good. ok

Hahaha. I may try that as well