Zeekio Core


Quick little test



This video was good enough to be posted by yoyosam on facebook.


If you like the Core, you should check out the Zenith. I just got one at a contest today, and it is THE best plastic yoyo I’ve ever used, and holds up against all the metals I’ve tested it against.


It’s the same thing as the YoyoEmpire Sun.

Honestly, YoyoEmpire makes the best Chinese yoyos besides YYR, C3, Etc.

YoyoEmpire makes awesome yoyos.

The Core is a Kockoff of the YoyoEmpire Promise.

But I’ll look into it. :wink:


It’s also Delrin.



(2Sick Joey) #7

YYRs are made in Japan


C3 is Hong Kong, right?




You compared a Chinese company to two non-Chinese companies.


You get the Idea lol