eh. I prefer Duncan.


my favorite is yoyofactory. at least to me it seems like they are more popular in general.

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traditionally i buy YYF, but really i buy what looks like i would like it, and has good reviews


Seems the choices are limited. I like both, but I currently like YYJ more. I haven’t really explored a lot of the YYF metals outside of the Mighty Flea and dv888 that I currently have.

I reserve the right to change my position at any time. But, I’m still saying YYJ. There’s quite a few YYJ’s I have in my target for acquisition in the next couple of months. Nothing planned for YYF yoyos currently. I’m currently satisfied with what I have regarding YYF for the time being. YYJ stuff I really enjoy.

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They’re both great companys.
Comparing my collection?
But I gotta hand it to them , They’re plastic’s [ Yoyojam Play well for their price.
I love playing my Atmosphere.
But definetly Yoyofactory interms of play wise since they have so many metal throws out.


imo they’re both great it’s all just preference


I have to give it up to YYJ for making great and affordable plastics and hybrids. Although YYF’s have generally been so far like the JK and junk.


From a customer service standpoint, YYF has been much more helpful for me than YYJ.

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YYJ has better plastics and plastics with weight rings.
YYF has better metals.


don’t forget the northstar and protostar. Other than that I totally agree


I guess I have some sort of Loyalty towards Yoyojam, but it’s more than that. Every yoyo by Yoyojam that I’ve tried, I actually loved it, not one did I dislike. Yoyofactory, I fell in love with their Genesis and Supernova Lite, but hated the YYF One and Lunatic.


Neither. One drop!! You wont find a higher quality product anywhere. Plus, they dont outsource their labor to China, like certain companies. They assemble every single yoyo by hand in the shop.


I don’t think Yoyojam does that… Well, Yoyofactory steals designs soo…


YYJ’s build quality is far superior.
And there’s none of those annoying spacers that YYF cant get away from.


Hey now, let’s not get into stuff regarding who steals what from whom. It’s just not a topic I want to see this thread to go diving into.

All I’m going to say is I have YYF stuff and I enjoy it a lot, and so do my kids, and as a result, I will say that I do in fact like YYF and will not apologize or make excuses for my position.
(Oh, I will buy a pair of Loop900’s this year, a guaranteed YYF purchase!)

But, as I’ve said before, I really like YYJ and I like them better than YYF. I have plenty of YYJ products on my list for stuff I “gotta get”, and will get soon.

I don’t care how you want to spin it(oops, bad pun), both are fine companies that make fantastic products. Thank goodness both these companies exist!