yoyofactory and others (congrats ANDRE )


how is every one doing today !!

btw. andre got married hence why he isnt here congrats mate,

i have a question about yoyofactory has any one ever played with them how do they play and what other brands do you think is one to get? thanks for your time


Yoyofactory and Yoyojam are my two favorite companies, and YYFs metal yoyos are some of, if not the, best metals on the market. Also, the Velocity is one of the best plastic yoyos out there.


YYF’s velocity and YYJ’s Journey were my first yoyos.If I had bought only Journey perhaps I woudn’t have been playing today :-\ (not easy response)
Thanks to velocity (and the F.A.S.T. system) I learned bind. Sometimes, I still play with it.


YYF does make very good high quality metals. But i would much prefer ILYY, CLYW, and HSPIN for metals. But some of my favorite plastics of all time are yyj journey and yyf velocity.