YYF vs. YYJ...

So. they seem to lead the pack on the whole affordable good yoyo gig. thoughts…opinions…? Who rules the roost when it comes to the whole picture…Jam…or…Factory…

Yoyojam is a small company disguised as a bigger company. Yoyofactory IS a large company. With that said, who really cares?

The thing that I don’t like about YYF plastics is that they play REALLY good the first time you get them, but after a month or so crazy things happen. Spacers get messed up, cracks, axle problems, etc.

But I mean, you just have to think that every company is better than another company in some ways only.

No company is completely better than the other.

No one rules it. If they did we’d have a lot less companies out there.

I prefer YYJ personally, and I know that puts me in the minority. There are a ton of YYF players out there, and with good cause. They make a quality throw. But, so does Jam.

I say own and throw both, personally.


Well i was just curious as to what people thought. thanks for the input tho i just like to know where people are at with that sort of thing. Prefernce tho, like you mentioned, is the big thing. Thanks!

May I ask where you got that information?

If I’m not mistaken, YYJ isn’t small. I do believe that, like YYF, they own their factory.

Anyway, there is no such thing as better. Preference is key :slight_smile:

YYF for metal, YYJ for bi-metal… they’re equal on plastics. IMO. And the affordable yoyo gig was led by the M1 I believe… one of the first cheap metals… I think though… but after the M1 came out, then the Fundametal line by YYF started… and HSPIN core…

they both r great but i perfer yyf

I think yoyojam has a fuller line up of yoyos.
They really have several yoyos designed specifically for each style of competition play. Plus access to the 5A patten.

Where yoyofactory has at least one yoyo designed for each style of play, but there 4A yoyo isn’t exactly up to par with the yoyojam ones. As well as they can’t touch 5A.

Take that as you will, but I think it leaves yoyojam in a better position.

Only yyj Yoyo i like is the Fiesta and I dont do 4a… I pefer YYF!!! :wink:

i love yyj its my favorite yoyo brand

I love how other companies are over looked because they aren’t part of the status quota. Duncan, Shinwoo, RecRev, One Drop, DTI and Yomega (ya, that’s right, I said Yomega) all make quality throws a round or under $50. Don’t get me wrong, most of my YYJ throws are some of my favs, and YYF’s plastics are awesome (not a fan of most of their throws) but this point of view should really be widened, a lot.

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this is an interesting topic for me because for me imm the only thrower around, (never seen anyone throw before in person) so my point of view is only from what i see online (yoyoexpert, youtube, yoyonation, and other blog/forums). i started throwing about years ago and when i got into and really started becoming part of the online community yoyojam was the big dog and everyone loved small undersized throws, but now from my point of view yoyofactory are the big dogs and everyone loves big throws. (big dog as in most popular) so tastes have definitely changed over last year and half or so. (this all just from the way i see it, a person whos the only time they saw anyone els throwing was at the Ny toy fair.

I like both companies. I find I have at least one yoyojam that can keep up with each of my regular yyf throws. Like I really like the Phenom and it beats my superstar, but my sfx can (just) keep up with the protostar. It is all preference. But I think you shouldn’t count out the smaller companies because they’re smaller as all myone drops, VSNYYC beat my yyjs, yyfs. And if you’re stating the big companies what about Duncan that’s one of the biggest names in the book, isn’t it?

yeah but you know that yyf has:
a lot more yoyo’s to choose from in 1a.
great looping 2a yoyos
YYF just lacks variety of 3a,4a,5a, BUT it does have 2 really good pars for YYJ. The protostar and Northstar. These 2 par up with yyj bi-metal or even YYJ SFX!! YYF is also cheaper if compared directly to YYJ.
Another important thing about YYF, is that it has the metal’s at an extremely low price, even undersized. Take YYF Popstar for instance, extreme play but not reccomened for learners because it so undersized.
While as YYJ cheapest metal is around $70.
I prefer YYF

Both companies offer yoyos that can compete with each other in the divisions. I think yyj has a bigger focus on 4a the yyf. I also hear that people liked the sunsets more often than the yyf loopers.

I would say That YYJ fits my preferences better. I have only found 4 yyf yoyos that really fit my preferences, and I don’t really get yyf unless it’s in a trade. YYJ has more yoyos that seem to fit my preferences, so I’ll pick up more of their yoyos. Not to mention I started on a Legacy, not a velocity or a yyf.

guys, you know this is all PERSONAL PREFERANCE AND THERE IS NO PERSONAL ANSWER. You say you like YYJ, fine, I got no prob with that. BUT my preferance is YYF but I am not crazy over YYF. FTW?

did you read my thread at all? I never said I liked yyj over yyf, so don’t infer it. Look at what I said, yyj fits my preferences better. As you said, it’s personal preference. There is no need to argue with me. I said nothing that even had to do with your post

They both make good yoyo’s. Just depends on what you want out of a yoyo.