Zammy resigning from OD

Zammy just posted this on the One Drop forums:
[i]First of all, I want to tell you all that this descision has been one of the toughest to make in terms of yoyoing/yoyo career. I’ve had to think it over so much since coming back from Nationals 2012. I won’t deny that I’ve been teary eyed about it.

But today I have put my resignation of Onedrop. I will no longer be a part of the team. This however does not mean I am merrly cutting the cord as I am good friends to David/Shawn and the team. Onedrop has brought out the best of me and helped bring my name to a new level. I am very proud to of had my time associated to Onedrop. It is a honor to of been sponsored. They really are the best yoyo company I know.

Thank you to Graeme for being the one to mention to David. Thank you to David for sponsoring me and believing in me. Thank you to Shawn for your sense of humor and making fine yoyos. Thank you to Andrew/Alicia for being my rock, my suppporters when time of need and everything. Thank you to the team for the friendsship 'Brocuzzi 4 lyfe".

Thank you. This is not goodbye.

-Daniel Ickler[/i]

I wish you the best of luck Zammy.


I just got his card too. :frowning:

I wanna die…oh,WHY???


He’s not quitting yoyoing, guys.


I guess you do have a point. :slight_smile: haha

I know,but I just didn’t see this coming. He’s a huge idol of mine,and I hate to see him leave this company

seems odd. he had a lot going for him with OD

Yes he did but life isn’t a stagnant experience. You must make changes and move on, conquer new challenges, and test your metal. He made a careful decision and I’m sure it’s right for him. Now someone else will get a turn with OD.

Change happens; you can hide from it or plan for it. Zammy seems to have a plan. OD was good to him but they will find someone new. Don’t you hope it’s you? :wink:

I would like to address this since someone made a thread about it here on Yoyoexpert.

First, thanks for making the thread. I am surprised someone thought it was news worthy and to make a discussion here on this forum. I appreciate it.

I’ve not explained exactly why I have left Onedrop, but there is many reasons why I have left and also gently backing away from yoyo as well.

Life happens, people change. I have to take responsibility for myself.

Skitrz summarized it very well. Thank you.

As I said on facebook, this is not goodbye.


Sometimes you need to ease off other things in your life in order to focus on more important things, whether its school, a business you may be starting, maybe a marriage or divorce.

Everyones gotta make decisions, some are harder than others

Surprised? Anyone around you gets swept up in your life story when ever something happens.

It seems like just yesterday that you were fighting tooth and nail for your signature throw and innovator of the year award. This departure is a big shock, for certain. I will be heading to Facebook to read everything that I can regarding this.

Best of luck with whatever lands on your plate.

Those were my thoughts also. With all the new Moebius tutorials and the innovator of the year stuff; it seems like a big change. It is obviously not my place to question your decision. I am just noting that it does appear to be an abrupt about-face.