YoyoTrap announces USA Team Member Zammy!

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Hey guys, Zammy here.

Figured I’d drop the line for those that dedicate their time to Yoyoexpert instead of other yoyo internet gatherings. Got some really exciting news for yall.

So, after nearly getting close to a years + of not being under any Yoyo company’s team roster, its official that I am now under sponsorship of YoyoTrap!

It took me quite a bit of time deciding what direction I wanted to go in my small career with yoyos. Back in August, Krisztian Kaluzsa messaged me about the idea of joining his team. I was quite hesitant but after three months of thinking I finally decided to join him.

Now, some here are probably asking… “Who or what is YoyoTrap”? This company is incredibly fresh in the scene right now, with only a roster of four or five players on the team. I’m sure many know who Krisztian is, as if you have played with the Clyw Avalanche, you’d know him since it was his signature throw. Not that many people here in the States know what the company is or what they are about.

This is where my role comes in. I am hoping to help anyway I can to change minds and to spread the word of this specific company. After all, thats the point of sponsored players: To promote.

Since this is a very small indie company, there is rough roads ahead, but I am sure with my help YoyoTrap will grow and expand.

There is some big plans coming from our way going into the next year. So get ready!

ps- Please bear in mind that Krisztian’s english is not his main language so sometimes it may be hard to read but he really tried his best.

Much love and respect,

Congratulations, I learned some new stuff already! I never heard of YoyoTrap.

Awesome hope they serve you well!!!


A shame that the mods considered my link a part of a store when it was linking to the blog post of my announcement and not the store. Disappointed but I understand, I apologize for that.

Thanks for those that have read this.
As one of only two yoyoers in the United States sponsored by Yoyotrap, I have a lot of hardwork ahead of me as a sort of “ambassador” of sorts.

This is an international brand that unfortunately is having a rough patch of sort due to things that can’t be discussed publically. This may be why people out there have not heard of us! But fear not we are around and will continue to do so!

Yoyotrap is all about individuality and passion. We have 3 time national Yoyo champion Krisztian Kaluzsa leading the way to prove that a new company can hit the seens! So there is much planns ahead for yoyoing in general. Although, we are going at this casually, we are not like big companies focusing on competition. This is about fun and passion.

I hope those that are curious can visit the business page on facebook/blog to keep up to date.

The Helium, the first model by Yoyotrap is available here, at Yoyoexpert! Check it out!

Thats all I got to say.

Much love!

Go back and check the web page you linked to. See the button at the top that says “shop”?

That’s a store. :slight_smile:


Congratulations zam! You are definitely one of the most innovative players to ever touch a yoyo. Hope all goes good on your new endeavor.

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im glad to see you back on the scene zammy,i have always appreciated your dedication towards yoyoing and the tutorials and videos you have put out are always inspiring and helpfulim ahppy to see you get your fire back man. Your life lately hasnt been the easiest but im happy to see that your gonna do what you said you would,take that frustration and turn it into passion,hope all is well dude,and Good luck and Congrats!