More Like Me 2 by Zammy

New 1a short video. Zammy. August 2012. Onedrop. Cascade. Toxic Strings BG1s.

This particular video is focusing on my tricks that have not made it into the past few 1a videos I have done this year and thus finally wanted to get to this.

After my last video, I was having quite a few personal problems and took a mini break away from the community. Turns out I can’t stay away too long from yoyoing and thus came back and went at it hard to finish up loose ends thus got around to this.


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Your tricks are always awesome Zammy.

By the way, did you get sponsored by Monster? Or do you just really, really, like them?
You should call em’ up.

Is that even possible!

Once again,

one of my favorite players amazes me.

Zammy, you never fail to amaze.

Boss as always, Zammy. Just BOSS.

This video should not be on page 2 already, serious.

Anyways, thanks for the compliments. I’m always trying my best to improve/create. Its the artist side of me.

To answer your question, no I am not sponsored by Monster. But let me tell you…I would closely do anything to be a part of Monster. I’m not exactly sure how I could get on their team. I’m kind of a crack addict for Monster.


Ditto man!
send em this vid, im sooo sure that you could get a sponsership!
who could turn you down? :smiley:

This is an interesting question, WHO do I enter it too? Like, I would love to be sponsored by Monster, I literally would take competing serious somehow or another.

But the question is: How can a yoyoer get sponsored by something like that?

Send them the video!

They will be in awe.

Do they have an e-mail?

Monster? I have no idea if they have a email or not actually. I’d freaking send it to them as fast as I humanly can though.

Dang skippy they would be in ah! :wink:

Please share and take a gander at this!

Zach gormely got sponsored by Hayday footwear, you can get sponsored by monster!

How about this?  They have a contact form.

So true