Looking For Sponsor

Hey everyone, I was wondering if there was any sponsors out there like string, yoyos, etc. Please Reply, I really would like to know

Are you asking to be sponcered or are you seeing if there is anybody who is sponcered out there?

~James Reed!

'Bout sums it up…

umm, if you asking if people on the forum are sponserd, there a few like samad. If your asking if people out there sponser other people, there are some like one drop and yyf, but i don’t think there on this sight. If you asking to be sponserd, i really don’t think your good enough. I don’t mean to be offensive, but i saw your video (and it’s pretty good for 1-2 months. But i don’t think your good enough yet to be sponserd.

i was thinking about that but i don’t think that really awnserd his question.

This is not how you get sponsered Cbaxt. You get sponsered by doing your own thing and being someone in the community, not just asking to be sponsered. Being sponsered should be the last thing you work towards when you yoyo. Just forget about any companies that you might want to be sponsered by and just yoyo. MAke friends with people and have fun. If you turn out to be a good guy while being a good yoyoer, people will line up to sponsor you. Trust me, let sponsorship slip your mind, it’ll happen when you’re ready

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well put Q.

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Sponsored guys… it’s spelled sponsored. :stuck_out_tongue:

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yes, i suppose being able to spell it right is a good step.

So inspirational :’( But yeah. Asking to be sponsored is probably the alst thing you want to do.

Samad, Don’t be a grammar…Nevermind.
I actually realized I spellt Eet rong haf wai thu.
Just to lazy to change it. hehe


I try. I take yoyoing to a very deep level.

I can tell. :stuck_out_tongue:

~James Reed!

Shut up James, lol

I know this is not how I get a sponsor and no im not asking if people are sponsored, I was just looking for a small time sponsor as in string or something, I do numerous styles now, I need something to do, I have been sick for the whole year and cant play my beloved sport, baseball

Well, not to be rude but it is blunt to asked to be sponcered. People are suposed to ask you if you want to be sponcered. And you have to have something to make them want to sponcer you. Like if you make awesome yoyo videos, or if you are a good competitor in competitions. And I would imagine you’d have to be really good at yoyoing. :wink:

~James Reed!

:o :stuck_out_tongue:

I realize that. And even at the small time level, you don’t need to ask. I’m sponsored by Born2YoYo, and his string making company Snake skin Strings, and by a small time company out of Idaho called DTI. Both of them Asked me to be sponsoresd by them, not the other way around. And when they asked me, I was more than happy to be, because I love both of the companies. Don’t ever take a sponsorship from a company that you don’t love. Or don’t know for that matter.

Are you trying to kill me James? Sponsored!!! lol, for some reason, that is the only word I dislike people misspelling.

Yo, Q, you have any vids? You must be good, so I wanna see your skills. Plus I need new tricks to steal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not really all that good, Samad. It’s just the fact that I try to show respect to the community, and that I try to spread yoyoing around. Those are the two reasons that I think I got spawnsered anyway. I’ll have a vid coming up soon though, just for you.

MOD EDIT: I had to do that Q. That was awesome!

Saying youre only yoing just b/c you cant play baseball is definitely NOT the way to get sponsored…

Buha is right, I failed to see that point. lol