Zammy presents: Redefinition. The new Moebius video

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Zammy presents: Redefinition.
Onedrop. Code2. September 2012.

Noun 1. redefinition - the act of giving a new definition

Redefinition is about the idea that you can take something that had very little thought, attention and care and bring it to light. This is what I have done with the style known as Moebius. Many people out there seem to think I created it, when it fact when you want to get technical…I merely re-invented it.




You have the most impressive and amazing style.


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Oh my good god.

All the Bleach references O~O
Im simply flabbergasted right now
the tricks are marvelous

the Names all Bleach

seriously i love you Zammy!


That was so cool, it’s like 1.5A… Something like that… Or even better!


That was rediculous… O_•

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~



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On video I do because that is how I try to make it seem like. But really I am rather unsmooth and can’t even land my own tricks half the time. However, my passion for throwing is unmatched.

Some people out there would consider it 6A… 1.5A is already used although it goes by a different other name known as Dualstring. But truth.

Ever see my main Bape Code1 I have used since getting sponsored? That will answer your question. But if you must know…quite a freaking lot of drops. It is how it is. I’ll put Quincy down as a future tutorial. But there is so many other tutorials I must do first. So…keep your eyes open in the future.

humble nod Thank you Astral. A artist, trailblazer but also: Stargazer.


This is amazing and one of my favorite videos of yours ever. I know string isn’t everything, but what string are you using? It seems like it must maintain its tension so well in order to do all those suicides, etc…

(Zammy Ickler ) #10

Good to hear you like it and that its a favorite of yours. I appreciate it. The string I use is either regular yellow or white poly from any yoyo webstore out there or Toxic String’s BG1.

When it comes tot this style, I just happen to be able to of gotten used to catching the slipknot so I know how it reacts. I open it up a little first so it has its shape intact when I sling it around so it twists a little in the air but still be catchable.

Thanks for those that took the time to watch this. :slight_smile: