Zammy presents: Never Surrender. New Moebius video

Its been two long years since I’ve made a Moebius based yoyo video.

I had lost the passion for the style back in the end of 2012. After getting the innovation award at Nationals 2012 I basically felt as if “Thats it, end of the road” type of thinking. Didn’t know where I was heading with yoyo and felt empty with it.

Its now 2014, two years since that event.
And I’m back. I’m charged up with momentum, ready to take on the yoyo world again with new concepts, ideas and a rebelious attitude and “never say die” ethic. Time to show you all what the style of Moebius is about.

Its time to take things up another level.


Those tricks were insane! Looking forward to seeing more.

those were sick ude, the wings of freedom and coordinate were fresh as shiz dude. im happy you back with some fire,keep it up and keep throwing vdeos our way. i always love watching what you come up with.

Someone’s been getting into Attack on Titan ::slight_smile:

Nice vid

I am not sure about “Moebius” but I am sure about how interesting your video is. Great job!

warrior…indeed. good stuff, zammy.



Dude, sweet vid and am so glad that your back in action! I consider you one of the most innovative throwers out there and have tons of skill and creativity! Hope you stay aroundfor a long time now that you got the passion back for this great hobby of ours!

Keep the vids coming man!

Real innovative stuff here, man. AoT is good. Yoyoing is good. Not much else a guy could ask for.

Yo, thanks for the love on here guys.

Its been awhile since I did one of these videos so it took a lot more work than usual.

I always name my tricks after a specific anime show I like. So of course you’ll see those names in there.

Now to just keep pushing forward.