Onedropyoyos Declares: codeMOEBIUS

Onedrop. Code1. Zammy. Moebius. September. 2011.

This video is the direct sequal to codeZAMMY. This was also done as a treat to all yoyoers as a means of helping the first video get to 5K views.
This is my best work I believe I have ever done.




wow! impressive!

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Great video! I love watching you, and my main style of play is moebius. This vid is amazing. The intro, music and editing all flow and your moebius rocks. The intro rocked! I love you zammy. When are the guys at OD going to give you a signature yoyo?

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Your videos are always awesome.

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Awesome video! How long have you been throwing?

This is by far the best Moebius video out there. Really great job.

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Worst. Attempt. Ever. AT MAKING A BAD video!

amazing as always zammy! i think this is my fave out of your vids, and probably most yoyo vids!

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Zammy, have a heart and stop yoyoing. Our fragile universe can’t take much more of this.

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_* _

Wisconsin throwers reppin! And your style is so wicked that you make moebius look better than most peoples’ 1a.

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Another nice vid!

I’ve been attempting some moebius lately and find it very enjoyable. It was stumbling on one of your vids that brought it to my attention. Your efforts are appreciated!

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Holy. Crap. There’s a big crater where my mind used to be… (mind blown) hahaha
That was absolutely incredible. Truly.

How is the last trick even possible. :o

well, he is zammy. and thats moebius at its best :stuck_out_tongue:

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…What can I say I am speechless. That was so AWESOME!!! :o

Hey guys, Zammy here. I just wanted to ssay thank you for watching the video. The reaction you guys said was priceless. :slight_smile:

That last trick is pretty hard but if you have good string tension overall its easy.

@patrickcondon- But I love destroying the universe with my yoyoing. I’ll never stop! :wink:

@Bigcat- Well, you never know when a Zammy yoyo will drop. I’ve only been with Onedrop for a little, I have to work hard for it. Put my dues in before it can happen. I had this video planned for quite sometime so that is why everything just seems to “fit”. I took even more time to edit it. It came out great. :slight_smile:

@troy- Wisconsin yoyoers are so awesome. We make it good. :wink:

Thanks guys!