Daniel Ickler- 2013

Fresh new 1a video, self titled.
Good way to try and start 2013 again.

Keeping it simple.


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That was crazy cool!

Thanks for taking a look! :slight_smile:


That was good stuff, Zammy. I especially liked the part where you did tricks that are out of my reach. So basically, two minutes and forty-four seconds of the video.


Interesting way to put it aha. Much respect. This is why I make tutorials though for people to understand.
I’ll always be tech as heck.

Ahh Zammy, so much inspiration in this video. You originally inspired me to do Mobius like 2-3 months ago and its been really great.

You are one of the bestest yoyoers ever.

Thanks for such kind words, much appreciation. I was not sure what the reaction would be due to not being a part of Onedrop.

I hope you keep playing Moebius. :slight_smile:

Well, I cant speak for others, but I know that youre a good thrower on OneDrop and not on OneDrop and I will watch your videos even if you arent making some promo video for a company’s product.

Seriously Zammy… How do you come up with any of that? The mounts themselves are just crazy. Dnt’ even get me started on the actual tricks :o :o

It’s videos like this that help keep me humble about my yoyoing. You are amazing Zammy! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Sorry for the rather late reply, kinda hard to keep track.

I have a very specific way of making tricks and someday I will make a video talking/showing about it.

pretty high technical…I consider my tricks boring aha.

Thanks for watching guys.