Shout out and show everyone! Offstring moebius video.

4a+moebius= Offbius.
Gravity Break. Single most difficult trick I will ever know or do.
Thought I would share with you guys.
Its all new material. Right on memorial day.


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Zammy, you suck. At life.

Haha I kid. That was some pretty sick stuff right there. Nice.

I was waiting for you to do that. Now we just need some counter weight 4a!

That’s very… Revolutionary.


woah this is crazy! :o

Really nice offbius tricks. Really like them. Did you make them up?

holy cow… zammy… oyu just get farther and farther out there every time i watch you!!! how… goodness.

i’m quite sure he did.

I have seen moebius, but this blew my mind away! Amazing! :smiley:

i Hate Duncan


That was sweet!

Clear Hayabusa, if I’m not mistaken?

Awesome Ness!!!

The person that says they hate duncan, that was rude.

Jayvee- It was a clear hayabusa. Silver spacers. friction sticker.

Msquared- been waiting? really? and ha…maybe. I’ve fiddled with some 9a before. I don’t like playing anything associated to 5a. Its not me.

x52- Yeah, its stuff I made up, but I’ve seen mounts from a few players through the year or two. Specfically Juno Motzko and Eric Tranton.


YTeah Zammy, iAvery is just kind of our Duncan Troll.

Great video, I lve to see your innovation it yoyoing. It’s refreshing